Valerie came to my house to help organize my bedroom closet. We started with a plan that we devised together. Each suggestion was open to revision based on what was convenient for my life. As a closet can hold potentially private items, Valerie was very sensitive to her level of involvement in the process. She offered to help, to just watch and direct, or to make it homework. I chose the second option and what had been causing anxiety for months was quickly pristine! She was very conscious of my budget and offered several different options at different price-points (including free). Several months later, my closet is still in great shape and easy to manage!

I would highly recommend Valerie’s organizational services based on her efficiency, convenience, and sensitivity to budget and privacy. It can be very scary to let an outsider into your private world of messiness…Valerie does it in a quick, down-to-earth, and non-judgmental way!  EB, Denver, CO

Three years after moving in with my significant other, I decided to finally redecorate the house. But with all of the clutter from our combined households, I was completely overwhelmed. Valerie helped me take a step back, assess my priorities, and created a step-by-step path for me to organize our study and kitchen. She was gentle and persistent in nudging me to make progress on my organization goals. I have accomplished more in organizing my house in the few months I have been working with Valerie than in the past several years put together.     HS, Denver, CO

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