What should I expect when hiring a professional organizer?

You can expect someone who is non-judgmental, who’s been there, and who can help you figure out how to get started. Being organized looks different for everyone. Each person gets a plan designed specifically for him or her. This process is not about throwing away stuff, but making your space work to support the lifestyle you want to be living.

What can I expect during an organizing session?

First, don’t start cleaning up before I get there! We start with a plan of how we are going to sort through everything. Then together, we start sorting items and deciding what to keep and what to donate. (I won’t make you get rid of anything, it’s your stuff). We then figure out where things are going to live (everything needs a home). We then come up with a system on how to maintain your newly organized space and revisit this system at a later date to make sure it’s working for you.  The process might look a little different based on the project, but these are the basic steps. (However, I won’t clean your space, only help you organize it).

How long is this going to take? 

I work in 3 hour sessions. The number of sessions depends on the project and how quickly you can make decisions.

Why are you qualified to help me?

I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and NAPO-Colorado. I take ongoing education classes through NAPO and attend regular meetings with the Colorado chapter. I have personal experience with clients and friends, as well as keeping my own house organized (with 2 toddlers!). I read many books and blogs on organizing and am constantly looking for new ideas.

What can someone in person actually do that I can’t find on some blogs or books?

You are welcome to read blogs and books on organizing! There are so many good ones out there. But sometimes you just need another person in the room to give you some accountability or a little push. Or you just don’t know where to start and a fresh pair of eyes can help. By bringing in a professional organizer, you can get help that is tailored just for you, with a focus on your needs and situation.

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