Hello busy moms! 

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I help moms who work outside the house develop simple systems and feel less overwhelmed. I help women shift their habits, manage their to-do lists, and be more productive. I’m a changemaker. A time-giver.

Are you feeling pulled in too many directions? Tired of feeling like there’s too much on your plate and you don’t know where to start? Do you want to feel less overwhelmed by your to-do list (before you throw the plate away and crawl back in bed)?

I work with my clients to develop simple systems so they have more choices in how they spend their time. These systems help them make better decisions in managing their to-do lists. At the end of the day, they’re able to feel like they’ve tamed the chaos.

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I found the Tame the Chaos Productivity Package very helpful. Valerie helped me identify where my time was going, what was working and what wasn’t. She helped me create simple ways to better manage my to-do list and identify my priorities. I recommend giving Valerie a call if your to-do list and schedule is overwhelming! SG, Littleton, CO 

I hired Valerie because I was drowning in the chaos of my home office. It made it impossible to focus. Valerie calmly and patiently helped me sort through all of my piles. We cleared all of the surfaces and organized every visible corner of my space. We also created a project box for ongoing work and a “to be donated” box. It feels so good to have my home office back in working order! I feel free and excited! I am so relieved and inspired – Valerie’s process and recommendations have helped me restore my sanity and the organization of my house. LB, Denver, CO

I would highly recommend Valerie’s organizational services based on her efficiency, convenience, and sensitivity to budget and privacy. It can be very scary to let an outsider into your private world of messiness…Valerie does it in a quick, down-to-earth, and non-judgmental way!  EB, Denver, CO

Three years after moving in with my significant other, I decided to finally redecorate the house. But with all of the clutter from our combined households, I was completely overwhelmed. Valerie helped me take a step back, assess my priorities, and created a step-by-step path for me to organize our study and kitchen. She was gentle and persistent in nudging me to make progress on my organization goals. I have accomplished more in organizing my house in the few months I have been working with Valerie than in the past several years put together.     HS, Denver, CO