Monthly Archives: June 2013

Too Many Emails?

too many emailsDoes your email inbox scare you? Do you check your email and cringe because you have so many unread emails? What do you do when you have to many emails?

Maybe it’s time to declare bankruptcy on your emails. Pick a date, maybe 30 days ago, and delete all emails prior to that date. Or if deleting them seems too scary, move all of them into a folder with a title that makes sense to you (for example: old emails, prior_date_year). This way they’re still searchable if necessary, but they’re not taking up space in your inbox.

Then you can process emails from the last month, making sure to delete or file them as you read or respond. Take a look at the blogs, daily deal emails, or other group emails that you’re getting on a regular basis. Are they relevant to you? Are you reading them or using the deals? If not, unsubscribe. Your time is valuable.

Set up rules for your emails. Maybe you have a favorite blog but only sit down every now and then to read it. Have it sent directly to a specific folder. Then you can go in and read them when you’re ready. This helps keep less important emails out of your inbox.

And try to sit down each day or every few days and process your emails. This means sitting down and responding, deleting, filing, etc. each email. This will help you from having to declare email bankruptcy in the future.

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Delayed Decisions

delayed decisionsClutter really is just delayed decisions. Those clothes in the back of your closet waiting for you to decide whether to keep or donate. That pile of mail that needs to be dealt with. The emails you need to return but are avoiding. Those are all decisions that need to be made.

You can decide to keep the clothes or drop them off at Goodwill. You can sit down and sort through the mail. And you can either delete or respond to the emails (or respond and then delete). Either way, you need to make a decision.

What decisions do you need to make to clear out some clutter? Get to it!

If you want some guidance in making these decisions, schedule a call with me or send me a message!