Tips For Time Management

pexels-clockontableAre you feeling overwhelmed, like your time is managing you instead of you managing your time? Are you feeling busy but not productive or you’re just not sure where your time goes? Then read on for some ideas on better managing your time.

I recently realized that I had overcommitted my time. I had commitments 9 nights a month, which was bordering on too much for me. Those commitments didn’t include time with friends or family or simply relaxing on the couch with a good book. So, I decided which of my commitments made the least sense for me and I uncommitted myself.

There are many tools, books, and tricks on managing your time. You will need to decide what works best for you. I think saying ‘no’ (politely) is one of the most important skills out there.  This article talks about the importance of saying no as a great time management skill: One critical time management skill: saying no.

It’s also easy to feel overwhelmed at times. Sometimes, we simply have too much going on. A few weeks ago, my kids were sick for what felt like the 80th time this year. By the end of the week, I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I hadn’t gotten done that week. Laundry had piled up, I was tired of cleaning the kitchen, toys were everywhere and I was tired. So I prioritized what needed to be done, asked my husband and my (now healthy) kids for help, and got to work on the piles of stuff around the house.  This article discusses how to deal with feeling overwhelmed: Overwhelmed? Eight steps to help you regain control of your time. 

And, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need some help with time management, organizing your house, home office, or routines, call in a professional (that includes me)! Sometimes a little outside perspective is all you need to get headed in the right direction.