Pandemics and Planning

It feels hard to plan much of anything in the middle of a pandemic.


If your kids are in school, you never know when you’re going to have them home for the next 2 weeks due to possible exposure to COVID-19.

It’s hard to plan for much of anything beyond the next few weeks because we just don’t know what life will look like this summer or fall.

This feels more complicated and disruptive than a snow day or a sick day. Maybe it feels heavier. Maybe the endless, monotonous days are getting to you! (They’re definitely getting to my family).

So how do you plan anything or pay attention to how you’re spending your time?

One way we can have more control over our time is to identify our daily and weekly priorities. When you know what you need to do each day, it’s a little easier to focus. If you’ve planned out your week (with room for things to shift) then you can handle last-minute surprises.

These last-minute surprises could include a snow day or a sick kid or your kids moving from in-person learning to remote learning due to COVID-19 exposure. They could also be a last-minute project your boss throws at you.

It’s easier to focus when you know your top priorities for each day. It’s easier to shift things around when you know your priorities for the week.

This does not mean planning every minute with tasks. This means planning your top 3-5 priorities and leaving room for things we didn’t plan for.

Take some time each day and start planning your top 3-5 priorities for the next day!

If you want help with identifying your top priorities for each day, schedule a call with me! Or, check out my virtual community.