Who Has The Time?

Do you time block? Do you know that is? Time blocking is assigning a specific time to a specific task. This could work in several ways. 

time block. rock in sand.
  • Processing emails at specific times (30 minutes at lunch and the last 30 minutes of your workday).
  • Scheduling all the calls you need to make for work on Thursday morning. 
  • Blocking time once a week for planning the next few weeks (so important to keep you on top of things!). 
  • Mondays are for marketing, Tuesdays are for staff meetings and open office doors for any staff questions, and Wednesday morning is for creative planning, etc. 
  • Scheduling time each week for bigger projects that require focused deep work for several hours.
  • Do laundry or buy groceries on certain days. 

Time blocking ensures you get the big stuff done. It’s scheduling the big rocks and letting all the sand fall around them.

Spend your days focusing on your priorities, not flinging from one task to another. You get ahead of the fires and last-minute urgent tasks.

And when you block the time on your calendar, you’ve made time for those priorities. Your brain can rest because it knows the important tasks are taken care of.

What happens if you’ve blocked your time but a crisis interrupts it? Good question.

If this happens, it helps to have a handle on your tasks and schedule over the next few days or even weeks. Then you know what time blocks to switch around. Take some time to reschedule a few things so you can deal with the interruptions. And do this only after deciding whether the interruption needs to be dealt with right away or if it can wait.

Read more about where your time goes here. And if you want to talk about how to incorporate time blocking in your days, schedule a call with me.

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