What does living your best life mean? I heard a speaker once who questioned this whole living your best life goal. We don’t just wake up one morning being our best and get to coast through the rest of our life. We’re constantly growing, changing, or finding the next adventure or challenge. She also talked about creating a life that we don’t need to escape from. One that we’re proud of, where we look forward to each day and don’t wish we could escape to some beach where we don’t have to deal with everything on our plate (although that is nice to do every now and then) .

So how do we make that happen when we’re busy with jobs, dishes, laundry, taking our kids to every activity under the sun, and maybe finding time to exercise or have coffee with a friend? How do we have a house we want to come home to and a schedule that’s manageable?

It takes work, intention and sometimes help from others!

I don’t buy that we’re too busy for doing things we want to do. And I don’t buy that being busy is always a good thing. We are always going to have items on our to-do list. We will always have laundry to do, dishes to put away, and numerous other tasks for work and house. But we also need to make time to sit and read a book, take a hike, spend time with those we love, and maybe even get a good nights sleep!

By knowing our priorities and what we need to accomplish each day, we can feel like we have an abundance of time, not a lack of time.

I’m not saying my house is Martha Stewart perfect. As I write this, there are likely toys spread throughout the living room and the dishwasher is probably full of clean dishes, with another load waiting to be dealt with. And there are definitely post-it notes on the kitchen counter full of reminders. I like my post-it notes.

But, there are systems in place to get the house picked up in a timely manner, and everything has a home so things are easily dealt with. I also know where things are so it’s easy to find what I need, when I need it.

My task list sometimes feels overwhelming. I have days where I add more to it than cross off it. But I know that not everything has to be done today and I make plans each week to tackle the most important tasks, the ones that are moving me forward in my business and my personal life.

Working together, we can tackle any organizing project or time management project you have!

Let’s tame the chaos together!