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Clarity and Productivity

What do clarity and productivity have to do with each other?

Are you clear on your life goals and values? Do the tasks on your to-do list support these goals? Or are you just doing things without really thinking about them?

It’s ok if you haven’t thought about it much. But let’s take a few minutes to do just that. If you’re only doing things on your list because they are there, without thinking about how the tasks fit in the larger plans of your life, then you are simply busy. Not productive.

And that’s no way to live.

clarity and productivity
Coffee cup saying: Don't be busy. Be productive.

Taking time to think about where you want to be in several years, or even six months ensures that what’s on your to-do list supports these plans.

It motivates you when you don’t want to do something on your list. It helps you clarify the next step.

Let’s Clarify

If you know that you want to play tag with your kids or hike all summer, then taking a walk or exercising in the depths of winter is something that is on your list. You might not want to do it today, but you know your future self will thank you.

If you are looking for a promotion at work or to grow your client base, then make sure the small steps you take today support that goal. It might mean a conversation with your supervisor or a business coach to understand those steps. It might mean stepping out of your comfort zone. Again, that clarity guides you.

That clarity guides you when you lack the motivation to do anything. Maybe you’re tired. The weather is crummy and you want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. Maybe the weather is nice and you want to go play outside.

When you’ve done the work to clarify your values and where you are headed, you have clarity around today’s tasks. You know what needs to be done and you can take those next steps.

And when those tasks are small, you almost have no excuse to not tackle them!

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    Motivation and Productivity

    Do you have days where you stare at your to-do list, unsure where to start? There are so many things on the list. You don’t really want to do any of them but you know you need to complete at least some of them if you want to keep your job or the roof over your family.

    But really, you want to crawl back in bed with chocolate and a book.

    I get it. At this point in the pandemic, I need almost daily pep talks to get out of bed. Every day feels the same. I usually like snowy weather, but this year, I’m over it. I’m ready for sun and warm days. (It’s currently April and snowing here in Denver).

    Complete to-do list
slow progress is better than no progress.

    And if you could see the toys spread around the house. I’m worn out from getting the kids to pick up every day. Sometimes, I wonder why I bother asking them to clean up (and some days I don’t). They’re just going to make a mess again tomorrow!

    And everyone needs to eat. All the time apparently, by the number of dirty dishes in our kitchen!

    So why am I sharing this?

    Because I get it. I get the daily struggle of finding the motivation to get those work tasks done. Of finding the energy to have another pillow fight with the kids. Another game of tag. Figuring out what’s for dinner. And when did the kids last have a bath?

    This past year has been tough. This pandemic shifted so many things for so many people.

    And I think some good will come out of it. I think people have realized what’s important and who is important, in their lives. Families have enjoyed having a slower pace of life. And I hope that continues as we move into this next phase of life.

    We’re moving towards another chapter. What do we want that to look like? (Read more on this here.)

    And how do we get motivated today? Here are a few simple ideas to get you started. We’ll keep talking about this over the next few weeks.

    Move your body. Have a dance party. Create a list of music that energizes you. Exercise. Take a walk. Play tag with the kids. Whatever it is, get your body moving.

    Know your tasks. We’ll talk about values a bit more next time. But when you know what truly needs to happen today, you can focus on those tasks. What next steps need to happen today? Everything else can wait.

    Know the next step. Break your tasks down to the smallest possible next step. Then take it.

    Manage interruptions. If you’re struggling to focus, minimize interruptions. Find more ideas here.

    Pick one idea. Try it. And, if you struggle through today, know that tomorrow is another chance.

    If you want to talk more about any of this, schedule some time with me!