Let’s Tame The Chaos

Change Your Relationship With Time

Are you ready to stop feeling so overwhelmed by everything you need to do each day?

Ready to stop being so exhausted all the time, feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders (and on your to-do list?)

I know that you’re struggling under the weight of this pandemic.

Struggling with working, taking care of a family, feeling the pressure of all the things you’re not doing.

With just wanting a quiet room where you can hide. I get it. 

Know you’re not alone in the struggle to deal with life during a pandemic.

Stop spending your days putting out fires and start ending each day feeling accomplished. Gain tools to know you are doing what you need to be doing each day. 

Let’s Tame The Chaos takes you step-by-step through ways to calm your spinning brain and help you feel like you have control over your days. And it does it quickly because I know you don’t have much time!

Wondering how you’re going to get through the 20 things on your to-do list today?

Hint: you’re not!

Maybe you’re tired of having too much on your plate? Tired of wishing every day had an extra three hours so you could finish those 20 things on your list? 

What if you could end each day with a sense of accomplishment? If you could be proactive with your time, getting tasks done before they became fires that needed to be dealt with? (yes please!) 

That’s why I want to help you be more efficient, be more proactive, and end each day feeling at peace. That’s where my Let’s Tame The Chaos mini-course comes in. (woohoo!)

This course helps you change your relationship with time, in the next two weeks, helping you figure out your priorities, find some tools to help accomplish those priorities, and know that you’re not alone.

What is this thing? 

Let’s Tame The Chaos is a quick (less than 20-25 minutes) on-demand mini-course giving you guidance on changing your relationship with time. It helps you: 

  • Calm the spinning brain.
  • Identify priorities and next steps on your task list. 
  • Make better choices in how you spend your time.
  • Manage the decision-fatigue!

Right now, life is overwhelming!

The dishes and laundry feel endless. The kids are leaving a trail of toys everywhere they go and refusing to pick them up.

The work tasks and emails keep piling up too. You’re tired. You’re wanting to run for the hills (or maybe the closest beach).

You keep thinking each day that you’re finally going to get somewhere with your to-do list. You’re going to make it happen! Then the end of the day hits and you feel like you’ve gotten nowhere plus you’ve added 5 more things to the list!

But what if you could start each day knowing what 3-5 tasks are most important? If you could move through the day preventing fires instead of putting them out? If you could end each day knowing you accomplished what you needed to and everything else can wait?

What if you had time for yourself and your family?

Let’s Tame The Chaos helps you be more efficient, more proactive, and end each day with a sense of accomplishment.

Who am I to help you? 

Because I’ve been there! I’ve looked at my to-do list and thought, ‘I got this’, only to reach the end of my day and wonder what happened! I’ve wondered how I said yes to so many things I’m feeling overcommitted!

I’m Valerie Recore, a productivity coach and owner of Home Most Simple, working with overwhelmed and overcommitted women because I believe we are all capable of building habits and systems to help us carve out time for ourselves and our families. I believe we can use our time better! And I want to help others be more productive, stop putting out fires, and know what to focus on each day.

I’ve used the tools in this mini-course in my own life and I know they work! I’ve used them with my clients. I know you’re busy and overwhelmed (and don’t think you even have time to do this!). That’s why I made this mini-course quick and simple! You can apply what you learn today! I know that even small changes can make a big difference. And I believe your future self will thank you!

So, what do you get inside this mini-course? 

Let’s take a look. You’ll get just a little bit of my sarcasm, maybe some humor, and lots of ideas on how to improve your relationship with time. 

We talk about how to calm your spinning brain. How to get everything out of your head and written down (or documented on the computer). Your brain is not meant to hold your task list!

Then we talk about what to do with all of those tasks! How do we tackle them in a way that isn’t so overwhelming? We look at how organizing your schedule is like organizing a pantry. It helps when similar items are placed together!

There are tips for when you just don’t know what to do next. And how to handle the many decisions we have every day (Decisions fatigue anyone?!) And we talk about why family meetings are so important.

At the end of this mini-course, you’ll be ready to deal with your task list, know what to do next, and even find some time to put your feet up and relax a little (it is ok to do this every now and then!)


How long does this take?

It should take you 20-25 minutes to read through the mini-course. Take another 15-30 minutes to tackle the activities provided.

I don’t have time!

Think of it this way. What happens if you don’t make any changes now? Where will you be in 3 months, 6 months, a year? What happens if you do start making changes, even small ones? Where will you be in 6 months, a year? You can make the time to take a 20-minute course and a few more minutes to complete the activities. This will help you!

How does this work?

First, you take 25 minutes to read the material. Then you take some time to work through the activities in the workbook. Then, you apply what you’ve learned in your life – planning your time so that you are more proactive!

Who is this for? 

This mini-course is for overwhelmed women. Are you struggling with figuring out what tasks to focus on each day? Tired of constantly putting out fires? Do you want to feel like you are making progress toward the big projects in your life? Then this is for you! 

This mini-course is for overwhelmed moms! Are you constantly juggling house and work tasks, feeling like you’re getting nowhere? Tired of putting out fires and not feeling like you’re able to get to what’s on your to-do list? Do you want to end each day feeling accomplished and at peace? Let’s do this!


It was scary to identify all the tasks on my list but Valerie was right there to encourage me. It’s so much better to have it all documented and out of my head! Instead of running around crazy, thinking I can do the 25 things on my list in one day, I know that only having 3-5 things each day is much more doable! I also liked the step-by-step strategies, particularly the one to group all these tasks into like things. I did it by floor of the house, computer/phone tasks, and outside errands. That helped keep me focused too. It’s been satisfying to cross the tasks off and also a lesson for me that the 25 things take weeks, not hours. This course helped me be more realistic about my time and put less pressure on myself. – CG

How does this work?

  1. Click here.
  2. Register for the Let’s Tame The Chaos course.
  3. Take the course! 
  4. Complete the activities! 
  5. Find more time in your day! 
  6. Celebrate! 

Imagine if you could end your days feeling accomplished and at peace. Knowing you focused on your priorities and made time for yourself and your family. What if you felt like you had plenty of time in your day? If you could relax with a book or spend some time with your family without thinking about all the other things you should be doing! 

That’s what this course is going to help you do!