Work With Me

You think you have no time to work with a productivity specialist. 

You’re busy. You’ve got things to do. You don’t have time to take on one more thing. Your plate is already overflowing. You don’t need anything else to fail at. 

But…what if 10 minutes a week in my virtual community could give you back several hours each week

What if a few small mind-set shifts helped you let go of the guilt of not getting it all done every day? 

What if one 60-minute group call each week, taking a deep dive into a topic or an accountability group, gave you back so much more time? 

What if two 45-minute one-on-one phone calls each month with me could help you get ahead of those fires you spend your days putting out? 

What if you knew you weren’t alone on this journey? 

I had a client who started tracking her time and paying attention to her time sucks. She found she had more time in her day by making small changes. One of the changes simply processing her email twice a day for 30 minutes instead of every time an email came in. 

overwhelmed mom with to-do list, productivity

I had another client who started leaving her phone on her kitchen counter. It was no longer in her room at night. She finally found time to read, because she wasn’t spending her evenings on the phone after her son went to bed. 

What if implementing one small idea once a week saved you time? 

If you’re curious about how 10 minutes a week could make massive changes in your life, schedule a call or come check out my virtual community